“I don’t want to be just the singer guy. I want to film ‘Austin & Ally’ for three or four years, do some movies in the meantime, ultimately put out an album with R5. We’re writing songs now. I want to do both at the same time, maybe do a short world tour during our hiatus. That’s my dream. Then I want to do a huge world tour, like nine months, sold-out arenas around the world. In a bus with a surfboard, skateboard and a bunch of random clothes” — Ross Lynch (via shorsjuliet)


How old are they again?

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Anonymous asked: Austin & Ally Cast or R5

My definition of beauty is happiness. I think, when I see someone who is truly happy, um…I think that’s kind of the most beautiful thing ever.

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⌙ Laura Marano or Raini Rodriguez


R5 and Marano sisters with grumpy cat


Ross Lynch and Laura Marano → Kansas City Meet and Great

It’s the little things that mean the most.